How to sublimate Crystal Plaque Award (10mm)

  1. Print the selected artwork on Sublimation Paper using Sublimation Printer.
  2. Attach Crystal Plaque onto the printed Sublimation Paper using Heat Resistant Tape.
  3. Set the Heat Press Machine to 200 Celsius for 200 seconds.
  4. Remove the Silicone Pad. Place Sponge Foam and Newsprint Paper on top of the platen.
  5. Next, place the Crystal Plaque face up and place Newsprint Paper on top of it.
  6. Cover with Teflon Sheet and start to heat press. (pre-adjusted with light pressure)
  7. Once the 200 seconds are up, rotate it 90 degree and continue to heat press for another 50 seconds.
  8. The timer will be reset when the Heat Press Machine is released.
  9. Release the Heat Press Machine when the timer is 150 seconds.
  10. Move the Crystal Plaque aside and allow it to cool down. (approximately 20 minutes)
  11. Caution, it is very hot at this stage!
  12. After the Crystal Plaque is cooled down, immerse in water and remove the Sublimation Paper.
  13. Fix the screw stand.
  14. You are done!